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Legal Aid In Michigan

Legal aid is free assistance to individuals who have low-income but have a need for non-criminal related services. Residents can qualify for legal aid in Michigan if the legal assistance that they need is for a civil matter such as consumer rights or a divorce. The most efficient way to find the help you need specific to your problem is to figure out which type of case you will be taking part in.

Family law is primarily considered as the handling of divorces, custody, paternity, visitation, and adoption cases. Lets face it, life is not perfect for anyone. Situations can arise that call for legal actions to be taken and we may not all be in a financial situation that permits paying court fees and an attorney. Legal aid in Michigan is available to any eligible citizens of the state who are in need.

Other common cases that may qualify you for legal aid in Michigan are: denial of entitled benefits, housing issues, and discrimination. Any of these problems can arise and are most commonly out of the control of those who are being negatively effected by the situation. Being in a low-income family does not mean that the quality of your life is not as valuable as those with a higher level of income.

The legal assistance center in Grand Rapids can provide you with a referral to getting the right type of legal aid in Michigan, depending on which type of case you have on your hands. You can get information so that you will be best prepared and knowledgeable of the process that will take place. If you are of low income and in need of legal aid in Michigan for something that is non-criminal, then a nonprofit legal assistance can help you get what you need at no cost to you or your family.

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