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Legal Aid In Georgia

If you are part of a low income family and are in need of legal representation, but just canˇ¦t afford to pay for an attorney, there is still an option for you. Legal aid in Georgia is available because not everyone cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. Everyone deserves to be adequately represented in a court of law.

As may or may not already know, legal aid is legal assistance that is provided by a special organization to people who are unable to afford a private attorney. This is to ensure that everyone is adequately represented and to uphold everyoneˇ¦s right to have a fair and just trial. Many times legal costs can be expensive and if you are in the lower income bracket or disabled then an added expense of paying a private attorney is simply out of the question. Any individual who is involved in a fee-generating, or criminal case cannot receive legal aid in Georgia. You will be notified upon applying for legal aid if your case is one of the two mentioned.

Legal aid in Georgia is no different than any other state. Depending on the severity of your case and the availability attorneys, you may not receive legal aid. You must remember that there are many people in the area with the same types of problems as you, and sometimes there just arenˇ¦t enough attorneys to fill the need. When applying for legal aid in Georgia it is important to remember that while you will not be charged for the attorney/paralegal, you may still have to pay for the court costs.

It is important to remember that each state has different rules and restrictions as to which types of cases are eligible for Legal Aid. If you are involved in a legal problem and believe that you are eligible for legal aid in Georgia, contact your local legal aid office as soon as possible. A representative at the office will be able to gather enough information over the phone and decide on your eligibility.

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